Positives and Negatives of the new Allergan 410

March 26, 2013 @ 01:27 PM -- by Karl Hapcic
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As the name implies, the 410 has a gummy bear consistency to its feel. As such patients must be willing to accept a postoperative breast that feels significantly firmer that a typical non-form stable gel and lacks the normal movements seen in a natural breast. For some this is not a big issue while for those that want the most natural feel to their breast it may present a problem. Considering the fact that it is a form stable implant and less malleable that a typical gel the incision, and therefore subsequent scar, will be longer than what some patients might be willing to accept. 5.0 + cm vs. 3.5cm. As I have instructed most of my patients in the past, while mindful that a scar will be present on the breast, if placed correctly the scar should come to rest in the breast crease fold. Add to this the fact that one should never cheat on the length of the incision because doing so results in increased trauma to the implant while it is being placed. This we know may contribute to early failure of the shell or in the case of the 410-gel fracture may occur.

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