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Our Bozeman Plastic Surgery Office - PhotoDr. Hapcic provides each member of his diverse group of patients with a superior level of care. He and his staff at the office of Bozeman Surgical Arts understand the decision to undergo plastic surgery is an important one, which is why each patient is provided with a thorough consultation both before and after surgery. During a one-on-one consultation, you and Dr. Hapcic will be able to determine what procedure or procedures can best help you reach your individual aesthetic goals. Just as importantly, you will also be provided with thorough aftercare and guidance.

For a consultation at Bozeman Surgical Arts, contact our office today.

Serving Bozeman and Missoula with Exceptional Plastic Surgery

If you reside in Bozeman, Billings, Missoula or elsewhere in Montana and are considering plastic surgery, our experienced cosmetic surgeon will be happy to speak with you during a consultation at Bozeman Surgical Arts.

Bozeman Plastic Surgeon Karl Hapcic - Photo

Our Bozeman Plastic Surgery Office

Dr. Karl Hapcic and his entire staff are committed to excellence in plastic surgery at all levels. From quick and easy BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to more involved post gastric bypass surgery, Dr. Hapcic’s 20 years of surgical experience serve him — and his patients — well.

Along with the staff at the Bozeman, Montana plastic surgery office, Dr. Hapcic takes great pride in helping patients make their cosmetic surgery dreams come true. Given our proficiency with all the latest procedures and techniques at Bozeman Surgical Arts, as well as the extensive experience of our people, you can trust us to provide you with sound advice and excellent results.

At his Bozeman office serving Missoula and all of Montana, our cosmetic surgeon will be happy to discuss all aspects of plastic surgery with you — all you have to do is contact Bozeman Surgical Arts for a consultation.

Ultrasound Technology for the Latest in Fat Removal

LipoSelection® uses patented technology to provide patients with liposuction that is incredibly precise, significantly less painful, and much more capable of giving you a smooth result. The skin is smoother after LipoSelection® because advanced surgical techniques and ultrasound technology are used to break up fatty tissue first, and then remove it. By breaking up fatty tissue, ultrasound technology also allows for a more controlled removal and a more predictable result. This form of liposuction is the latest technique for helping patients treat areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

The benefits of the LipoSelection® procedures performed by our experienced cosmetic surgeon and his professional plastic surgery assistants at Bozeman Surgical Arts are many. These benefits include the removal of unwanted fat with low to minimal pain, increased smoothness when compared to other body contouring procedures, and the ability to keep blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue more intact than with other liposuction surgeries. Dr. Hapcic provides LipoSelection® by VASER® because he and his staff are deeply committed to staying abreast of the latest medical advances and making them available to their valued clients.

Learn more about VASER® LipoSelection® or contact Bozeman Surgical Arts for a plastic surgery consultation with cosmetic surgeon Karl Hapcic, M.D.


At Bozeman Surgical Arts we are happy to offer several methods of financing for your  procedure.  We accept most major credit cards and CareCredit


CareCredit allows you to find a monthly payment that will work for you, with a variety of no interest and low interest options. There are no annual fees or prepayment penalties.  To finance your procedure now, apply by clicking on the link below.



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